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DSC Academic Advising: Transferring to Another Institution

Steps in Selecting a Transfer School

1. Do your research.  Find out which schools have the major you desire.

2. Narrow your selection to three or four schools.

3. Visit the campuses on your short list.  Request a meeting with a transfer admissions counselor, a meeting with a faculty advisor, permission to sit in on a class or shaddow a student from your major for a day, and ask for an overnight stay in a dorm room/suite.

3. Ask for information about gradauation rates, research opportunities, and employment/gradute school entrance rates of graduates.

Selecting a Transfer School

The Georgia Career Information Center is an excellent resource for finding colleges and universities by major program within the state and throughout the United States. Once you enter the website, you will need a username and password to continue.  Please use one of the sets listed below to access this site.

Username: daltonc and Password: gcis910 or

Username: daltonace and Password: gcis606

The National Center for Education Statistics also provides the College Navigator, which is allows students to create lists of schools and make side-by-side comparisons.


Transcript Request

At Dalton State College, you need to follow these steps to order your college transcript:

  1. Log into the RoadRunner Portal.
  2. Under the Banner Menu, select Student Records
  3. Click on Parchment Official Transcript Request
  4. Follow the prompts to order the transcript