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DSC Academic Advising: Drop Back Policies


Students who are having difficulty in ENGL 1101 may elect to voluntarily switch to a section of ENGL 1101 linked to ENGL 0999. The student has three weeks after the first day of class to drop back.  The student will be required to meet with Dr. Kerri Allen, Chair of Department of English, to make arrangements for the drop back.  For more information regarding the English drop back policy, please contact Dr. Kerri Allen.


Dr. Kerri Allen

Office: LIA 235

Phone: 706-272-2569



A student may elect to drop back to a lower level Math course before the drop back deadline. The drop back deadline for each semester is the same as the deadline to withdraw from B Session classes. Students should see Dr. Rich Hambrock, Chair of Mathematics and Technology, to initiate a drop back request.  Please contact Dr. Hambrock for more information about the Math drop back policy.


Dr. Rich Hambrock

Office: Sequoya Hall 105

Phone: 706-272-2571