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DSC Academic Advising: Contacts/Tools

Dalton S College

Dalton S College is a student record that we use in training for Banner and DegreeWorks.  While this is not a real student, he can take up a very real seat in a live class.  If you add him to an active class, please make sure that he is removed from the class roll at the end of your session.  If you cannot drop him from the class, please contact the professional advisor from your school or the Registrar's Office for assistance.

Dalton's student account can be utilized on the Advisor side to view the student record and to practice the registration process.  His account can also be used to log into the system on the student side to see the student view of MyDaltonState and DegreeWorks and to demonstrate the student registraton process in web Banner. 


Student Name: Dalton S College

Student Id: 900057316

Student Username: dcollege

Student Password: DSCRoadRunner 2018

MF questions:

  1. In what city was your mother born? Dalton
  2. What was your favorite restaurant? McDonalds
  3. What was your HS mascot? Roadrunner


DSC Academic Catalog

Dalton State College provides links to digital catalogs from Fall 2001 - Present.  To determine which catalog a student should use for graduation, please refer to the student's DegreeWorks' worksheet.