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Derrell C. Roberts Library: Use microfilm

The library staff are ready and eager to help you find the information you need. Good information literacy skills are crucial to academic success and we will teach you how to find information, how to analyze it, and how to apply that information.

Find Articles on Microfilm

If you are required to use scholarly journals on microfilm, the following instructions will help you locate them and print out the articles.

1) Go to GALILEO and choose Journals A to Z.      

2) Choose a title from the microfilm list and type it in the box, for example, Studies in Short Fiction, and click on the STARTS WITH button and then click the FIND JOURNAL buttion.



3) Click on the database listed.


4) At the next screen choose SEARCH WITHIN THIS PUBLICATION.


5) Next click on the words ADVANCED SEARCH and add a keyword to the next box after the journal title.

6) At the result list, note the date and page number of the article.


7) Go to the Microfilm Cabinets and look up the journal by title and then pull the microfilm for that date.  Place in the MF Reader to view and print the article.