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Derrell C. Roberts Library: Interlibrary Loan

The library staff are ready and eager to help you find the information you need. Good information literacy skills are crucial to academic success and we will teach you how to find information, how to analyze it, and how to apply that information.

What is Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary loan is a sharing of materials between libraries.

Some materials may be difficult or impossible to obtain including current popular titles, genealogy books, reference books, rare or expensive materials, and fragile items.

♦Loan periods vary due to each lending library's policies.

♦Length of time it takes to receive an item can be affected by a number of factors including staff shortages at the lending library, shipping method (usually Library Rate mail), distance to the lending library, etc.

♦Textbook requests are not accepted. (You might have success with textbooks in GIL Express)

How to request an Interlibrary Loan

1. Check that the material isn't in Roberts Library

At least 25% of the requests sent to the ILL office are for books in the DSC Library or for articles from the 160,000 full-text journals in the GALILEO & DSC databases so Please check Roberts Library's GIL catalog (for books) & GALILEO holdings (for journals) before requesting. No waiting if it's here!

GIL Library catalog | Full-text journals in GALILEO  by journal title

2. Send the Interlibrary Loan request to the Interlibrary loan office. Click here for request options which include email, paper, webform, or visiting the ILL office.

  • Be sure to include your name and contact information!

3. Wait for the material to arrive. 

  • Allow plenty of time before an assignment is due. Click here for FAQ  -  Campus mail: Library - ILL