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Derrell C. Roberts Library: GE FAQ & statistics

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What is GIL Express

12 million books - One statewide library

GIL Express is a service that allows DSC employees and students to request books from other University System of Georgia Libraries through the GIL Catalog @ http://gilfind.daltonstate.edu

Patrons request books through their GIL Account and the books arrive at Roberts Library within 4-5 business days.

Monitor your requested book's status in "My Account" in GIL. There will be a USG Library listed in your account for each request. Click on that library to the the status of that library's books.

An automated email notification will be sent to the patron when the book is received at Roberts Library.


Who’s eligible for GIL Express?
Students, faculty, and staff in good standing are eligible for GIL Express. Patrons with overdue books or fines will not be able to request books through GIL Express

What materials can be borrowed through GIL Express?
Currently only books that circulate may be requested. For articles and materials not in the GIL Universal Catalog, contact the DSC Interlibrary Loan Office.

How do I request a book from another USG library and does it cost anything?
Search the GIL Universal catalog @ https://giluc.usg.edu for the book you need. When it’s on the screen, click on “GIL Express Request” and follow the directions on the screen. Borrowing a book and returning it promptly doesn’t cost anything, but there are other fines and fees.

How can I monitor the books I’ve requested and their due dates?
Patrons should check their GIL account often by clicking on “My Account” from the GIL Catalog home page https://gil.daltonstate.edu Your account shows requests that have been canceled, which items are in transit or available to be picked up, due dates, etc. You can renew your DSC and GIL Express books from this screen.

When will my book arrive?
Books should be received in 4-5 business days usually – 1-2 days in process and 3 days for shipment. If a book request can’t be filled, there will be a notice in your GIL Account, and some libraries will send an email to your DSC email account.

What’s the loan period for a GIL Express book?
The usual loan period is 28 days; two renewals are allowed. Some libraries require that all their books be returned at the end of each semester, so occasionally due dates may be less than 4 weeks.

Are there overdue fines for GIL Express books?
Currently overdue fines aren’t charged, but there is a replacement fee plus a $35 processing fee for lost books, damage fees, and recall fees for overdue items. Some libraries charge steep recall fees (several dollars per day) if they recall an overdue book for one of their patrons.

How am I notified when the materials are received?
You will receive an automated email to your college email account.

How do I pay for lost books or fines?
A GIL Express transaction is between you and the USG library that lent the book. Roberts Library can’t monitor your requests for you nor accept payment of fines. There is a list of USG library contacts at the Roberts Library Circulation Desk and in the ILL office (Library 103). Some libraries are set up to accept credit card payment over phone, but in other cases you may have to send a check.

Where do I return GIL Express books?
GIL Express books can be returned to any University System of Georgia Library. Your account will be cleared when a book is discharged at any USG library.

My account is blocked, what does this mean?
Accounts are blocked for one overdue item or a $10 unpaid balance at any library in the University System of Georgia. To clear the block, the overdue book must be returned and discharged or the balance paid.

For more information, contact the DSC ILL office @ 706-272-2474 or ill@daltonstate.edu or visit Library 103.

Did you know?

You can use your DSC ID at any Library in the University System of Georgia to check out books and you can return the books to any USG Library?

It's called Walk Up GIL Express.

If you haven't used your ID to check out books in the Roberts Library, stop by the Circulation Desk before visiting another USG Library to make sure your ID barcode is in the GIL system.

GIL Express statistics

FY              Total    (% students | % faculty/staff)

2002-03        234   (0% | 100%)

2003-04          45    (0% | 100%)   system was offline most of the year

2004-05      1,007   (16% | 84%)

2005-06      1,275   (28% | 72%)

2006-07      1,785   (43% | 57%)

2007-08      2,006   (57% | 43%)

2008-09      2,147   (51% | 49%)

2009-10      2,040   (56% | 44%)

2010-11      2,471   (65% | 35%)

2011-12      1,237   (58% | 42%)

2012-13      1,148   (63% | 37%)

2013-14         894   (65% | 35%)

2014-15         866   (60% | 40%)

2015-16         752   (40% | 60%)

2016-17         841   (55% | 45%)

2017-18         533

2018-19         516