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Educational Learning Theories: Chapter 11 Learning Enrichment Activities

Chapter 11 Enrichment Activities

Activity 1: Theory of Human Motivation Pyramid. The activity below includes a the Theory of Human Motivation pyramid with numbers for each level. Click on each number to see a description of the level. After viewing all levels move on to activity 2. For this activity you can either view below or   Open the activity in a new window

Activity 2: Theory of Human Motivation Examples Matching. In this activity you will match the need on the left side with the example of how that need can be met on the right side. You can either click and drag from the term on the left to the term on the right or you can select the drop-down list to choose the correct term. Once you have matched all terms click the "Submit" button which will be on the lower right part of the activity. After clicking with "Submit" button you should see your score and if you didn't get them right you can do the activity again. Once you have matched all correct answers you are ready to move on to the next lesson.


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