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Educational Learning Theories: Chapter 9 Learning Enrichment Activities

Chapter 9 Enrichment Activities

Activity 1: Table-Scroll down to see all 8 intelligences. Each intelligence has columns for strengths, preferences, "learns best through", and needs. Read all information in each table cell. You should be able to view table without clicking but you may have to scroll down to see all rows. When you have viewed all information in the table move on to Activity 2 below which is an interactive presentation.


Activity 2: Planning and Implementing Student-Centered Lessons. Activity 2 is a one slide presentation with a checklist of 8 items about planning and implementing student centered lessons. Click your  mouse anywhere on the screen below to see each list item. Once you have read one item, click your mouse to see the next item. After viewing the eighth item move on to activity 3.



Activity 3: Planning and Implementing Teacher-Centered Lessons. Below is an interactive checklist for planning and implementing teacher-centered lessons. Begin by clicking the first word on the left to see its corresponding list item on the right. Do this for each item. You should see a total of 8 items when you are finished. After viewing the last item move on to activity 4. 


Activity 4: Slide Presentation of the Eight Intelligences. The activity below is a presentation consisting of 8 slides- one for each of the intelligences. Click on the activity below to get started and view the information for each intelligence. When you have finished viewing the information for an intelligence click your mouse to move to the next intelligence. Once you have viewed the information for the eighth intelligence move on to the next lesson.