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Educational Learning Theories: Chapter 1 Behaviorism


Welcome to the Educational Learning Theories online textbook site with learning enrichment activities and additional readings. Each of the 12 chapters  includes a drop-down menu with four links: Introduction, Required Reading, Learning Enrichment Activities, and Additional Reading. The Learning Enrichment Activities are available in both HTML5 and as Flash .swf files. The introductions include audio recordings in addition to the text. If you would like the entire text book read out loud you can open the pdf file of the text book at the end of the page with Adobe Reader and you use the built in screen reader to read the book out loud.

This page also contains the following sub-pages:

  • Chapter 1 Introduction
  • Chapter 1 Required Reading
  • Chapter 1 Learning Enrichment Activities
  • Chapter 1 Additional Reading
Cover of book. Includes art work by a DSC Student.