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Library Policies and Procedures: Gift and Donation Policy

Gift & Donations Policy






The Derrell C. Roberts Library at Dalton State College welcomes gifts of materials, with the understanding that such gifts must meet the Library’s Collection Development Policy criteria.

Initial evaluation of the materials to determine its usefulness to the Library will be made by the director of the library and/or a librarian. If there are a large quantity of items to be donated, the donor will be asked to schedule an appointment for the initial evaluation. 


Considerations for any item being accepted by library include the following:

  • Relevance to the college – Curriculum-related books not older than 3 years are acceptable. We cannot accept Reader’s Digest condensed books or mass market paperbacks.
  • Potential to expand existing collections - Duplicates of material already in the library collection are usually declined. 
  • Condition of items.  Items in poor physical condition (i.e. brittle paper, water damage, writing or highlighting on the pages, torn and/or missing pages, etc.) are usually declined.  Items with mold are always declined.
  • Preservation and storage needs – Print periodicals or journals require large amounts of space and are infrequently used; therefore, most print journal donations are usually declined.  


If the gift item is needed at the Roberts Library, it will be added to the collection and immediately becomes the property of the Derrell C. Roberts Library.                                 Donors are asked to fill out a form (linked below) to accompany donations and to provide a list of the items donated.

Gifts of materials may be acknowledged, but not appraised.  Donors must set a value themselves on a gift for which they wish to take a tax deduction.

Gifts of money should be directed through the Dalton State College Foundation and designated for use by the Derrell C. Roberts Library.

Revised December 2017.

Approved by Faculty Senate 2/8/17