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Library Policies and Procedures: Confidentiality of Library Records

Confidentiality of Library Records





Protecting the rights of library users to view and read materials without fear of intrusion, intimidation or reprisal is a core value for all librarians.  To safeguard the privacy of individuals in their use of the library, the Roberts Library maintains the confidentiality of library records.  Federal privacy laws additionally protect student records, including library circulation records.  In the State of Georgia, library records are confidential (Georgia Code 24-9-46).

The registration and borrowing records of the Roberts Library automated catalog system are confidential.

Registration records include any information the library requires users (faculty or staff members, students, or community borrowers) to provide in order to become eligible to access or borrow materials. Such information includes addresses, telephone numbers, and student ID numbers.

Circulation records include all information that identifies a faculty or staff member, student, or community borrower as borrowing or accessing particular materials or information. Included in these records are reserve materials.

Public computer login/usage records and web browsing histories on the open-use computers in the library also are considered confidential. 

The Roberts Library has adopted the following guidelines:

  • Library records will only be released upon appropriate court order or subpoena.
  • Patron information is accessible to library staff in the course of their daily business.
  • Anyone presenting a valid library card will be considered a legitimate user, entitled to access the information associated with that card.

Except in accordance with proper judicial order and with permission of the designated administrative officer(s) of Dalton State College, no person shall make known in any manner any information contained in such records listed above.  Library staff are to refer all requests for the above confidential information to the Library Director or to the office of the Vice President for Fiscal Affairs.


Revised December 2017

Approved by Faculty Senate 2/8/18