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Library Policies and Procedures: Conduct Policy

Conduct Policy







Patrons of the Derrell C. Roberts have the right to expect:

  1. A pleasant library environment conducive to research and scholarship
  2. Reasonable access to library materials

To ensure these rights, the library enforces federal, state, local and College rules governing behavior in public spaces.  In addition, the Derrell C. Roberts library has established policies to protect these rights within the library building. 

All patrons will refrain from the activities below:

1. Creating a disturbance or behaving in any manner that interferes with normal use of the library, or that affects the staff’s ability to provide service (including, but not limited to: excessive noise, loitering, and offensive behavior). 

2. Having bodily hygiene so offensive as to constitute a nuisance to others. Those with poor personal hygiene or other odors found to be disruptive to the Library environment will be asked to leave.

3. Bringing in large or inappropriate personal items, including, but not limited to: bicycles, skateboards, bedrolls, carts, and large duffle bags.

4.  Removing or attempting to remove library materials or property without checking the item(s) out or without proper authorization. Removing or attempting to remove electronic theft detection devices.

5. Misuse of, defacing, or destruction of library materials, property, furniture or equipment.

6.  Being in an unauthorized area of the library; remaining in the library after closing or when requested to leave during emergency situations.

7.  Selling, peddling, and/or soliciting of merchandise or services, including legal representation, to patrons while in the library.

8.  Conducting unauthorized surveys, photography, or audio/video recording within the library.  Authorization must be pre-approved by the Library Director.

9. Using restroom facilities for activity other than the intended purpose for the facilities.

10. Food and uncovered beverages in any areas of the library that are designated as restricted.  Library patrons should dispose of all food containers and trash in the appropriate receptacles or recycling bins.

11. Leaving children unattended.  Security may be called if children are left without adult supervision.  In addition, library users under the age of 16 must have direct adult supervision while using library workstations.

11.  Leaving personal items unattended.  The library is not liable for the loss or damage of personal materials, and any unattended items will be turned over to Public Safety. 

12. Posting or distributing printed materials without permission of the Student Life office and the library director.

For violation of federal, state, and local policies for conduct in public spaces or a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, campus Public Safety officers will be contacted and appropriate action will be taken.


Revised December 2017

Approved by Faculty Senate 2/8/18