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Online Education and Assessment Committee: Information for Fall 2022 Meeting Nov. 3rd

Agenda Fall 2022

1. Review Last Meeting information https://libguides.daltonstate.edu/c.php?g=24649&p=8942319

2. Accessibility Updates

3. Spring workshops for online teaching

4. Online Education Committee Libguide and Handbook Updates https://libguides.daltonstate.edu/DE

5. Student Achievement Data Updated for Spring 2022: https://www.daltonstate.edu/about/student-achievement.cms

6. GeorgiaVIEW updates: Syncing Banner with the GeorgiaVIEW classlist, Gradebook troubleshooting, Creating a Module for Syllabus.

7. Student Technology Libguide http://libguides.daltonstate.edu/studenttechnologies

8. Before Spring 2023 Semester Meeting: Review our stated distance education guidelines in the Online Education Libguide: https://libguides.daltonstate.edu/c.php?g=24649&p=149044 . (For example, “Online courses at DSC require at least one proctored activity/exam.” Do they?). Review the Online Education Handbook and note any needed changes.