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Online Education and Assessment Committee: Developing an Online Course

Procedure for Developing a New Online or Hybrid Class

Procedure for Designing a New Online or Hybrid Course

Step 1: Get approval by the academic supervisor (Chair or Dean) 3 months or more before the beginning of the course. 

Step 2: Complete the self-paced tutorial in GeorgiaVIEW/Brightspace to become familiar with the online learning system:

        Go to 

        Log in with your Dalton State username and password.

        After logging in, select Self Register and register for the GeorgiaVIEW Tutorials, or if you have already enrolled in the course access it from the Select a course drop down.        

Step 3: Attend D2L training or arrange for a one-on-one appointment with CETL staff - email

Step 4: Schedule several meetings with your department mentor and with CETL, the course map is reviewed two months before the course begins and plans for the first two weeks of the course are reviewed six weeks before it begins.

Step 5: Create the course in GeorgiaView D2L

Step 6: Submit the course for peer review.  Peer review teams, consisting of at least one faculty peer and CETL staff will utilize the Peer Review rubric to determine whether the course meets all instructional and technology standards as specified in the Standard Components and Peer Review Rubric.   The peer review team will then submit their recommendation to the mentee’s Chair or Dean.

Step 7: If necessary, the mentee will meet with designated staff for revision of the course

Step 8: Implement changes if necessary

Step 9: Course is submitted to the Chair or Dean for final approval at least four weeks before the class is scheduled to be taught.

Step 10: Teach the course

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