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Our Goals

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Dalton State College Institutional Online Learning Goals

  • Work with the faculty to plan and create distance learning environments that encourage and support excellence in a personal environment, allowing them to focus on teaching rather than technology.
  • In collaboration with other campus and state departments, maintain the human and technical resources and network infrastructure necessary to successfully support and deliver distance and distributed learning.
  • Ensure that academic and student services are appropriate to meet the needs of distance and distributed learners.
  • Conduct continuous evaluation of distance and distributed learning and support services to ensure the advancement of the College's mission and adherence to quality standards.
  • Support research, scholarship, and creative endeavors which promote knowledge of distance learning.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

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DirectorDr. Theresa Butori -

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Dr. Theresa Butori
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Dr. Jenny Crisp
Ms. Sylvia Norris Driver
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Dr. Gina Kertulis-Tartar
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