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Online Education and Assessment Committee: Spring 2024 Agenda


AGENDA for April 10th, 2024 meeting:


•     Updated statistics on student performance at DSC in online and hybrid courses

•     AI at DSC update, AI course in Perusall 

•     GeorgiaVIEW update/Problems with Online Video Proctoring

•     Accessibility update

•     RSI (Regular Substantive Interaction) update

•     Update on QM (Quality Matters) training opportunities-(grant didn't happen)

•     CETL GeorgiaVIEW Modules for online teaching

•     Update on the Online Education Handbook (add AI policy?)

•     Update on the Online Course Design Checklist

•     Inventory of Dalton State Technology for online courses (Nearpod, Kahoot, MS Project….)

•     How to handle cheating cases in online courses

•     Discussion: What should our committee function, mission and vision be moving forward?


Current mission:

"Develops guiding principles, recommendations, and policies to meet institutional distance learning goals; Conducts continuous evaluation of distance learning and support services to ensure the advancement of the College’s mission and adherence to quality standards; Explores opportunities (including collaborations with other institutions) to expand the number of courses and programs offered online."