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Grants and Sponsored Programs: Proposal Development

Applying for a Grant

As you prepare to submit a proposal, we ask that you follow these steps: 

1. Talk with your Dean or direct supervisor to gain his/her support.

Since a grant award is a legal obligation and commitment by Dalton State College, due diligence is needed to ensure that appropriate individuals are aware of and approve of a grant proposal before it is developed and submitted to the funder. Additionally, the University System of Georgia (USG) is legally responsible for all grant expenditures.  

Primary Investigators (PIs) are encouraged to contact their department chair or direct supervisor as early as possible, particularly when proposals include release time, additional space, renovations, or other resources that must be approved by the department or school.

A number of issues may be considered during the approval process, including the likelihood of funding, alignment with the college's strategic goals, and requirements to sustain the project after the funding ends.

2. Search for grant funders.

In the Grants and Sponsored Programs LibGuide, there are numerous links to private and government funders.  

  • Familiarize yourself with the sponsor & program requirements, especially any unusual elements such as cost-share / match, IRB requirements, limitations on the use of funds, PI or participant eligibility restrictions, etc.
  • Take special note of the proposal deadline and submission requirements. Make sure that you are familiar with the system or method required for submission, and complete any applicable registration processes, etc. 

3. Submit the appropriate forms.

Once you have determined a project or program and located potential funding sources, you must submit the Notice of Intent to Apply form along with the request for proposal (RFP) and/or grant guidelines to the grant coordinator (Melissa Whitesell) following the timeline below. The Notice of Intent to Apply form is found on the Grants and Sponsored Programs LibGuide under the "Proposal Review and Submission" tab.  

Grants involving contracts or external collaborators are often more complex and may require additional processing.  The grant coordinator will offer assistance in preparing all necessary forms, MOUs, certifications, assurances, budget development, and other nontechnical data.

If a grant will only be awarded to a 501 (c)3, we must coordinate with the Dalton State College Foundation office.  Grants involving human research will require the completion of IRB training and approval of the IRB committee.  Dalton State faculty and staff should contact their chair or direct supervisor and/or email for more information on how to satisfy the training requirement and apply for approval.


Once these steps are completed, a timeline will be set so that the writing can be done from your end and the first drafts with preliminary budgets can be reviewed by your supervisor, VP or Provost/VPAA office.  In some cases contact with the granting agency or program officers may take place in order to ensure compliance with all requirements. 


Grants from Private Foundations or Individuals

Six weeks before deadline

  • Notify department and grant coordinator of intent to apply.
  • Grant coordinator verifies eligibility.
  • Upon approval, begin drafting proposal.

Three weeks before deadline

  • PI submits final draft to grant coordinator for review and submission instructions.

State and Federal Grants

Three months before deadline

  • Notify department and grant coordinator of intent to apply. Begin drafting proposal.
  • Grant coordinator verifies eligibility and provides contact information for program officer.                                                               

Six weeks before deadline

  • PI submits proposal narrative and budget to grant coordinator and their direct supervisor, Vice President, or Provost/VPAA for internal or external peer review.

Three weeks before deadline

  • PI submits final draft to grant coordinator for review and submission instructions.

One week before deadline

  • PI coordinates with grant coordinator to schedule date for submission.