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Disability Access: TESTING CENTER

For information about tests and testing, contact:

Jacob Dills, Coordinator of Testing 
Location: Sequoya Hall, Room 201

Phone: 706- 272- 2606




The Testing Center is committed to assisting students in utilizing the academic skills needed for test taking. The Center offers exam taking options and accommodations for students documented with the Disability Access, a variety of exams to the community, and proctored make-up exams. The Testing Center works collaboratively with all areas of the college in order to provide the testing services needed for student success.

Disability Access Services Testing Accommodations

Students that have TESTING ACCOMMODATIONS through Disability Access will generally use the testing center to utilize those accommodations. In order to use the testing center for these accommodations the STUDENT must schedule the test at the testing center AND inform the instructor so the test can be delivered to the testing center.

**Students are encouraged to schedule tests early to ensure the space and time you need are available.