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Disability Access: Note taker

Note taker

A note taker is intended to provide a student with a copy of the notes from a particular class.  In many cases it may serve as a supplemental copy for their own notes, however at times it may serve as the only notes.  The note taker is an unpaid/volunteer service. 

The STUDENT requesting the accommodation is responsible for letting the faculty know that they need the accommodation.

The FACULTY is responsible for obtaining the note taker and helping the student determine how they will get the notes. Suggestions for obtaining a note taker are as follows:

         1. Announce in class that you have a student that needs a note taker and ask someone to volunteer. Please remember to keep student confidential. 

         2. Ask a student you are familiar with or has served as a note taker in the past that is in the class that you feel would take quality notes.

Students may choose to get the notes from the note taker in a variety of ways.  

         1. The student can disclose to the note taker that they are the student needing the notes and they can make arrangements for getting the notes.

         2. The note taker can give the faculty member a copy of the notes and the student can pick them up from faculty.

         3. The note taker can come to the Disability Access office and have the notes copied or drop a copy off for the student to pick up. 


Note takers can use their own paper and have it copied for the student at the Disability Access office, they can use a laptop and email information to the student (if the student is willing to disclose who they are), or they can use carbon free paper available in the Disability Access office.  The carbon free paper can be requested by students or faculty.