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Assisting Apps

Follow the links below for more information on available Assisting Apps.

Rewordify is an online application (rather than an app or software) that simplifies the language on other websites or text pasted into a textbox on their site:

Snap&Read is a Chrome browser extension and it can level text on any website right in the browser window. This includes webpages, Bookshare, and Amazon Cloud Reader. It’ll also level text on PDF that open in a the Chrome window.


Math Support Finder (Please share with Math teachers)

Math JAX

AFB AccessWorld Magazine

Technology news for people who are blind or visually impaired.


Braille and Audio Reading download

Khan Academy:
Here is a link to the math (and other subjects!) website that has the video tutorials and practice questions I told you about (you can also search “Khan Academy” on your phone for the app):
FX Math Solver:
Math app for your phone that will assist you with step-by-step problem solving.
This is a site (and mobile app) that allows you to type in a problem (or take a photo of it on the app, including handwritten!) and get step-by-step-solutions.
This is the site (and mobile app) that you can access to input problems from your homework into and get the answers and step by step guidance to help you know when you’ve gotten a problem correct.
Typing in problems and getting the answers is free, and step-by-step help is $19.99/month or $79.99/year.
Step-by-step solutions: Get all the work along with explanations
No advertisements: Remove all third party advertisements
Storage space: Save your problem history
Mobile access: Access step-by-step solutions anywhere
Available 24/7: 4,000,000+ problems solved daily
Used by students everywhere: 10,000,000+ registered users
Satisfaction guaranteed: 100% guaranteed, cancel anytime
Graphing Calculator Emulator: Mimics a Ti-83 or Ti-84 Graphing Calculator that you can input your own problems to. Works exactly like the real thing.
Cash Out: this is a web-based game that teaches you how to make change in a real-world type setting.
Cash Register Trainer: an app that helps you learn to make change like a cashier would need to
Colored Math grids: This website allows you to select various line thicknesses, grid sizes, and line colors to customize what you print and how you work.
Nuance Dragon Professional Individual-Dragon speech recognition
Dragon allows you to use your voice to control your mouse and keyboard, application windows, menus, and more.