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Disability Access: Stop the clock breaks

Stop the clock breaks on tests

Stop the clock breaks is a way to provide extended time for testing.  The student is allowed the regular amount of time for the test and the clock is stopped so they are able to take a break and then the clock is restarted when they begin again.  Testing with altered times generally occurs in the Testing Center.  The Testing Center is located in the Liberal Arts Building, Room 103 and the Testing Center Specialist is Jacob Dills. 

The STUDENT is responsible for arranging their own tests and informing the faculty of the arrangement (including day and time).

The FACULTY is responsible for sending the test to the Testing Center.  Since a number of students are eligible for technology to assist them with testing the preferred format to send a test is electronic. It is the responsibility of FACULTY to complete a "Test Proctoring Form" to provide the testing center with the regular time for the exam.