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Disability Access: Time and one half extended time

Time and one half extended time

Time and one half time is the standard in extended time for testing.  Occasionally double time will be given and that will be noted on the students accommodation agreement.  Testing with altered times generally occurs in the Testing Center.  The Testing Center staff will figure the time and let the student know.  The Testing Center is located in the Liberal Arts Building, Room 103 and the Testing Center Specialist is Cathy Jackson.  The Testing Center is designed as an environment for testing and offers a quiet, low distraction area

The STUDENT is responsible for arranging their own tests and informing the faculty of the arrangement (including day and time).

The FACULTY is responsible for sending the test to the Testing Center.  Since a number of students are eligible for technology to assist them with testing the preferred format to send a test is electronic. It is the responsibility of FACULTY to complete a "Test Proctoring Form" to provide the testing center with the regular time for the exam.





To extend time on tests in GaView

In the course, select the quiz > restrictions tab > select Advanced Availability/Allow selected users special access/Add users to special access > select the settings the student requires and add their name.