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MNGT 4701: Strategic Management: ETS Business Major Field Test

Prepare for ETS exam

About the Test

All business students take an exit exam during their last semester at DSC as part of their strategic management class.  The test covers all the functional areas of business and your score is worth 10% of your final grade in strategy.  Thus it is important you keep your notes and perhaps your textbooks so you may review for this exam. 

The ETS exam contains 120 multiple-choice items and is split in two, one-hour sessions.  It covers a common business core of:

Accounting (15%)

Economics (13%)

Finance (13%)

Law/Legal and Social Environment (10%)

Management (15%)

Marketing (13%)

Information Systems (10%)

Quantitative Analysis (11%)

International Business (within the prior content areas).

Note: Calculators are not permitted for the exam.   For more information, visit the ETS website.