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Marketing Research: Research Groups

Research Groups

  • Center for Media Research
    see their Blog (check "Publications"); Social Media Summit
  • Comscore - social media data and much more
    "The Power of 'Like'"
    Follow Comscore on Twitter, Facebook or get their app
    US Mobile App Report (2014)
  • Experian Simmons
    This is for fee research company. Good to know about, but we do not subscribe to their databases.
    Simmons Free White Papers ("Be Green, Be Aware, Be GreenAware"; "Internet Access", "Toy Industry Trends") and the "New American Consumer: State of the Hispanic Marketplace
  • Fuqua School, Duke University - The CMO Survey

  • Find market research firms
  • New Millennium Research Council
    Conducts policy research and promotion to influence the policy debate
    The NMRC partners with the Brookings Institution, the Heritage Foundation, the Progressive Policy Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, the Pew
    Internet and American Life Project, Harvard University, and UC Berkeley
    , among many other nationally renowned think tanks, universities, and organizations.
  • Nielsen
    Some free reports, although this is a market research firm that charges for most of their research.
          Social Media Report
          Global Digital Shopping
          African-American Consumers
          Cross Platform Report
  • Nielsen "My Best Segments"
    lifestyle segmentation systems define every household in the U.S. by distinct lifestyle types - are you a "Bohemian Mix" or an "Urban Uptown?"
  • Pew Research Center
    Many free reports on everything from religion to the media; numbers, facts, trends shaping our world. 
  • Quirk's Market Research Review 
    Provides market research and market research services (for a fee)

Experian Simmons Powerpoint Presentation about the Hispanic Market (Loads Slowly)
       National Consumer Study (free download)
       National Hispanic Consumer Study (free download)
       LGB&T Consumer Study (free download)
       Kids and Teens (free download)
       National New Media Study (free download)