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Site Map

Marketing Research: Polls & Consumer Info.


  • American Consumer Satisfaction Survey
    "ACSI reports scores on a 0-100 scale at the national level and produces indexes for 10 economic sectors, 45 industries (including e-commerce and e-business), and more than 225 companies and federal or local government agencies."
  • California Field Poll
    Browse the Field Poll archives at this site.
  • Gallup
    Provides summary of recent polls on political, economic, worl, and well-being issues.
  • Polling Report
    Provides quick summary of recent polls. Easily browsed.
  • Polling the Nation
    A collection of public opinion with information from the U.S. and over 100 countries worldwide. The database began in 1981 and comprises over 500,000 questions from various sources including Gallup, Harris, Roper and others. There are over 5600 topics in the database on a broad array of issues. Updated monthly.

Consumer Information

  • MRI+
  • This site includes circulation for selected magazines by gender, median age, and median income. Access to the some data via the Search feature and Top-Line reports is free with free registration. Access to the Mediamark Reporter is by paid subscription only.
  • Nielsen
    Nielsen's website provides some free ratings information.
  • Prizm
    "Nielsen's lifestyle segmentation systems define every neighborhood in the U.S. in terms of distinct lifestyle types using ground-breaking segmentation techniques. You can get a first look at your neighborhood using the MyBestSegments ZIP Code Look-up."
  • Arbitron Radio Ratings
    Provides some free ratings data for radio and media in the United States