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Section 508 Compliance/Accessibility: Faculty - GeorgiaVIEW ReadSpeaker (screen reader)

Dalton State is committed to making our entire campus 508 compliant and accessible.

What is ReadSpeaker/Text Aid and how can it help my students?

In our continued commitment to improve student outcomes, we have integrated ReadSpeaker text-to-speak technology, to the into the GeorgiaVIEW/Brightspace LMS. The ReadSpeaker suite of text-to-speak solutions increases efficacy and extends the reach of online content by instantly creating an audio version (screen reader) of most all content in-line with the Universal Design for Learning concepts. Select the listen button on the Universal Design for Learning web page in the link and try it out for yourself!

By letting your students know about this tool, you may be able to:

  • Improve course outcomes

  • Increase retention and success

  • Provide a bi-modal learning option

The following functions of ReadSpeaker can help with learning preferences, your use of electronic textbooks, dyslexia issues, distracted readers, typing issues, and eye strain to name a few.

webReader - reads all html files created by the instructor - ReadSpeaker webReader 3.0: How-to Videos

DocReader - reads most all documents uploaded by the instructor - ReadSpeaker docReader: How-to Videos

TextAid - an extension and bookmarklet used to read all other parts of Brightspace and webpages - ReadSpeaker TextAid: How-to Videos

Other tasks and use cases: 

Research Papers

  • Use library databases to research your topic.  
  • Upload text articles into TextAid and mark them up with highlighting and annotations
  • Compose the paper and proof-listen to it.

Trouble Typing

  • Use the dictation feature and correct the grammar afterwards.

Taking Notes

  • Students like to take pictures with their cell phones of important notes
  • Convert the images to editable text and then expand upon these notes

Sharing Documents

  • Group owners can share documents with group or individual members - great for the disabilities office