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Section 508 Compliance/Accessibility: Updates to Accessibility Workshops

Dalton State is committed to making our entire campus 508 compliant and accessible.


During and between each workshop we may discover a more approved way to accomplish a task or have a need to follow-up with a process that was unclear during the workshop. This page will provide updates to those tasks.


2/21/2018 UPDATE

To accommodate for accessibility in digital forma and have inclusive information in print format, hyperlinks presented a more indepth process than originally discussed. Consulting with more advanced colleges and including AMAC, we found the preferred way to note hyperlinks in any document is to (1) present at note at the beginning of the document identifying accessible flow, (2) provide the Descriptive Text with hidden link in the body, (3) and provide actual hyperlinks identified in a URL endnote:

Table Issues

  • 2/26/2018 Merging cells in a table will generate a warning and in some cases an error. It is not an acceptable accessible practice. However, sometimes you have to fix the warning/error without redoing the entire layout. This 45-second Merging Cells in Table Warnings video will walk you through it.
  • 6/18/2019 Table Reading Order Issuehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAup3SUXa5o 

Repeated Blank Characters / Create A Table Effect vs Using a Table

2/21/2018 UPDATE - Eliminate Blank Characters

There are many reasons that blank characters appear in a document when checking for accessibility conformance. This Correcting Blank Character Accessibility Warnings video addresses a few:

  1. Blank Characters in the header/page number to shift page number to far right:  "This is course XXX                                    1"
  2. Simple extra spaces
  3. Left/Right justified text similar to a table setup

7/25/2019 UPDATE - Create a Table Effect

Many accessibility issues can arise when using tables. To eliminate this, create a table effect using only tab spacing. Use this Video link, Correcting Blank Character Accessibility Warnings, to see how easy it is to produce a table effect.