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BUSA 3701 Career Research: Research & Company Websites


Job searching is serious work.

  • Choosing companies to interview,

  • writing the letter and then

  • impressing them with your knowledge in the interview requires research!.

Locate and evaluate many different sources of information in order to develop a sound knowledge base and strategy.  

Find and use the annual report or website, but don't just rely on them.  Create news alerts from trusted sources such as Wall Street Journal or industry trade publications. Search databases for articles and reports about your company, it's competitors, and the industry segment(s). 

While public companies are required to submit financial data to the government and are expected to be truthful in their financial reporting, they might not provide other types of unfavorable information to their investors. 

Researching a Company

Investor Relations

Under the Investor Relations link on most company websites, you will find their quarterly and annual reports, SEC filings, and other financial data.   The annual report will often contain vision and mission statements as well as provide a listing of the corporate governance, board of directors, and business model or current strategy. 

Navigating the website

Many company websites look similar to Lululemon's.  There are links for store locations, ads, account information, and other features targeting shoppers or customers.  To locate company history, governance, corporate culture and other background information, you will usually need to scroll to the bottom of the page, and look for links such as:

  • About Us
  • Investor Relations
  • Our Company
  • Corporate
  • Get To Know Us