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ENGL 3010: Introduction to Literary Studies: Ecocriticism

Key Individuals

Buell, Lawrence

Garrard, Greg

Glotfelty, Cheryl

Slovic, Scott

Books in the Library

The Encyclopedia of Literary and Cultural Theory by Michael Ryan defines ecocriticism as: 

"the most popular term for the study of literature and culture from a perspective informed by environmental politics or scientific ecology, although some critics prefer the terms “environmental criticism” (Lawrence Buell), “ecocritique” (Tim Luke), or “ecopoetics” (Jonathan Bate)....all eco-critics are motivated by an acute sense of the threats to natural environments from human population levels, unconstrained technological development, the ecological consequences of both wealth and poverty, and ideologies considered hostile to environmentalism, such as consumerism, Christianity, and patriarchy". 

Subject Headings and Keywords

Conservation of natural resources in literature


Environmental protection in literature

Environmental reponsibility

Nature in literature