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ENGL 3010: Introduction to Literary Studies: Find Articles

GALILEO Literature Search

This is an example of an Advanced Search using GALILEO, after playing with ideas and search terms.

1.  Notice each box has a separate concept. If I am searching for themes about women in Chopin's work, I can add women in a second box. If I am okay with an article that uses the word female instead of women, I can add that word, using OR between the two words. I could also add OR girls OR gender, and so on. 

2.  If I want to add another concept, I use another box. I could add the title of the work I am studying here, or choose another concept. You may be looking at themes that the author has used repeatedly in their work.  Chopin looked at the place of women in society. Soci* is a shortcut to look for the words social, or society--or anything beginning with s-o-c-i.

3.  Checking the disciplines "Literature & Writing" and "Sociology," down below, is not necessary, but may help focus your search. Choosing disciplines limits the GALILEO databases searched, leaving out articles found in business or nursing databases, for example.

Literature Research in GALILEO

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