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Criminal Justice: Research Process

Recognizing Scholarly Articles

Use the following criteria to determine if the article represents scholarly research:

  • Does it include a Methods section that describes such things as the independent and dependent variables; the population studied; and the methods used?
  • Does it include a Literature Review that discussed previous research on the topic?
  • Does it include a Results section that provides detailed information on the results of the research, including tables, charts, etc.?
  • Does it include a Discussion section that discusses the results of the research?
  • Does it include an extensive Bibliography or list of References Cited?
criteria from Wade Kotter, Weber State University

For additional help, use the chart below:

Research Process

Writing an Article or Book Review

The Literature Review

The University of Northern Colorado - Literature review for Criminal Justice students

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Writing Center also has a web link for
writing a literature review.


Bluford Library, North Carolina State University has an excellent Libguide

Another good source is "Writing a Literature Review and Using a Synthesis Matrix"

North Carolina State University has an excellent video tutorial "Literature Reviews: An Overview".