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Our Textbook

The Stories of English by David Crystal

ISBN-13: 978-1585677191

GALILEO - Georgia LIbrary LEarning Online

Why use GALILEO first before Google Scholar? GALILEO is a collection of licensed databases that are purchased by the USG and DSC and contains over 160,000 full-text journals containing millions of articles.

The Discover GALILEO search box searches many databases at one time including GIL (DSC Roberts Library catalog), Literary Reference Center, eBooks, MLA International Bibliography, and JSTOR. (The Discover search doesn't link to the full-text JSTOR articles (gives a 404 error message), so to access those, select JSTOR from the "GALILEO Databases search box and search JSTOR directly.)

Other GALILEO databases for literary research with lots of full-text articles are Academic Search Premier, Research Library, and Literature Criticism Online.

Databases can also be searched individually or by brand. Electronic book databases in GALILEO are Proquest ebooks & Ebsco ebooks

TIP: Most of GALILEO can be searched in less than 30 seconds by installing the GALILEO toolbar, and then selecting each of the 3 article options: Discover GALILEO (75 databases including some EBSCO ones plus various archived collections), EBSCO (43 databases including eBooks), ProQuest (41 databases including ebooks). Each of the 3 searches takes less than 10 seconds. To select EBSCO or ProQuest use the  GALILEO database search box and search all databases of each brand at a time.

Library Reference Collection


  • Old English (OE): ~400-1066
    • Chapters 1-4
  • Middle English (ME): 1066-(sometime in the 1400s)
    • Chapters 5-9
  • Early Modern English (EME): (Sometime in the 1400s-1650ish)
    • Chapters10-14
  • Modern English (ModE): 1650ish-today
    • Chapters 15-20

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