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History of the English Language, ENGL 3025: Videos and interactive practice

History of English in 10 minutes

Let There Be Words: The Origin of Human Language

How Languages Evolve

This is a video and follow-up review exercises:

Do You Speak American?

This three-episode miniseries is a good overview of American regional dialects, including an episode called "Down South." It's in our database Films on Demand, so you'll have to log in to Galilieo.

Do You Speak American?

The Adventure of English

This is another miniseries available through Films on Demand. Again, it's quite long (nearly 8 hours), but you can choose by episode or even by topic within episodes. Log in to Galileo with you DSC login.

The Adventure of English

Indo-European languages on a map

How Did English Evolve?

The Ling Space

This is an absolutely fabulous series of Youtube videos on the basics concepts of linguistics - we may well use them to answer our questions together as we go forward.

Story of English miniseries

This PBS miniseries from the 1980s is long but is a good introduction to everything about Standard English. You can pick and choose sections rather than watch all 8+ hours. It's in Films on Demand, a video database available though GALILEO, so you'll have to log in with your DSC credentials.

The Story of English Miniseries