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Instructional Technology: Respondus 4

Dalton State: Instructional Technology

Respondus 4

Respondus 4 is an exam authoring tool that bridges the gap between print and online exams. Respondus 4.0 takes your multiple-choice (and other types of) questions in a txt document and uploads it as a quiz in D2L. There is a special format and the correct answer must be marked with an

How to install Respondus on your computer

How to install Respondus on your computer

1) Download this file to the computer you will be using Respondus on:, decompress it, and run the Respondus4Campus.exe program. Install the program and proceed with the installation of Respondus on your computer. 

        a) The “equation editor” is optional, if you encounter an Issue with equation editor/math type.

2)   After the install is complete, start the program

3)  Complete the License agreement as noted below. 

4)  Contact for Password and then select “License”

4)   When prompted, selecting The Newsletter is optional

5)   Select the Desire2Learn CMS Personality

6)   Respondus will open.

You must now connect Respondus to the Dalton State Desire2Learn server so that your exams/quizzes/survey will upload/download properly. 

1)   Select the Preview & Publish tab - shown below

       a) You will be prompted to create or open a file, select OK
       b) Select Open and select one of the presented files as noted below, or if you already have an exam, etc., browse to it and open.

2)   At the next screen, select the Preview & Publish tab again - see below

3)   Select Publish and then Publish Wizard

4)   In the next pop-up, select Publish to a single course, and then select ‘add new server’ in question 2

5)   At the next window, you will want to select the preconfigured settings, but if you have to enter the server settings manually select NO, I want to enter the server settings manually

6)   Select next

7)   If you have selected the pre-configured settings, you will only need to verify the settings and enter the information for #4 below.

8)   If you have selected the manual settings, complete as noted below:

      a) At (2) copy the URL at the GeorgiaVIEW Desire2Learn login page and paste here
      b) At (3) select Extract
      c) At (4) name your server setting – D2L Server and enter your GeorgiaVIEW login name and password
      d) Select Remember name and password (if you change your D2L login password, you must change it here too)
      e) Select OK

       f) Select next

If your connection is successful, you will be prompted to select a course for the test upload. You may exit out of the upload if you wish.