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Instructional Technology: Read Speaker / Text Aid

Dalton State: Instructional Technology

Read Speaker / Text Aid

ReadSpeaker has been upgraded which will add the reader to Quizzes and Assignments.

Please review the webReader 3.3 upgrade video for a quick introduction to the upgrade.

Additional ReadSpeaker videos and current integration into quizzes and assignments:

ReadSpeaker / Text Aid provides a full service screen reader experience for the GeorgiaVIEW user.

In GeorgiaVIEW (D2L), students will use three Read Speaker tools. The content area uses two of these tools and other content like announcements, quizzes, etc. use the third.

Content Area - ReadSpeaker

  • The rule of thumb after opening your document:
    • If you have the listen button, click on it - see image below.
      Listen button
    • If you do not have the listen button, click on "Open in docReader" at the bottom of the document screen - see image below.

      Select DocReader Image

Other Content - TextAid

  • The third tool, TextAid Bookmarklet/Extension, is used for all other parts of GeorgiaVIEW content like an announcement, quiz, etc. ​This tool is installed on a browser either as a bookmark or extension.
    • Open the file below to view how to add the bookmark to a browser. NOTE that there are various browser extensions and even a mobile bookmark.
  • For additional information about using the TextAid Language feature, please visit this Dalton State video