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Instructional Technology: Respondus LockDown Browser/Monitor/Live Proctoring

Dalton State: Instructional Technology

Respondus LockDown Browse/Monitor/Live Proctoring

Respondus – one technology, lots of flexibility.

LockDown Browser®  locks down the testing environment within our GeorgiaVIEW learning management system - after selecting the link, scroll to the bottom of the page and view the overview video. Additonal Resource Videos

Respondus Monitor® builds upon the power of LockDown Browser and is a fully-automated proctoring solution. Students use a webcam to record themselves during an online exam. Afterward, flagged events and proctoring results are available to the instructor for further review - after selecting the link, view the overview video. Additional Resource Videos

LockDown Live Proctoring (NEW)  Institutions that license LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor have an additional remote proctoring option that works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and other video systems. The new “Instructor Live Proctoring” option uses LockDown Browser to prevent cheating on the computer itself, while the instructor watches students via video conferencing. This method is only recommended for small class sizes where instructors can effectively observe and track students during the exam - after selecting the link, view the video.


  • After you set Lockdown browser as required for a quiz, students will then go to the quiz to begin the process and download the browser for DSC. Student Quickstart Guide.

  • Lockdown Browser/Monitor download is available after the student accesses the quiz/test.

    • It takes a bit to setup for the first time considering closing out all tabs, webcam check, etc.  Please give your students plenty of time, at least an extra half hour to work through the set up. Or set them up with a practice test first of semester so they will be ready for real exams. 

  • Chromebooks are now accepted devices with the extension requiring install first. 

  • iPad has an app, search for Respondus Lockdown browser, it allows Monitor as well. Student iPad instructions.

Important Info and links for Faculty:

Since your institution has obtained unlimited use of Respondus Monitor, we wanted to make sure you have these four tips to share with instructors on how to get up-and-running with online proctoring. 

  • Training Webinars with Live Q&A – These 45-minute trainings are the best way for instructors to learn how to use Respondus Monitor for online proctoring. Each session is followed by an extended Q/A period where questions are answered live.
  •  Rapid Rollout Guide for Instructors – Here is the essential information for using Respondus Monitor with online exams.
  •  Create a Practice Exam – Have students take a practice exam with Respondus LDB and/or Monitor to ensure their computer, webcam and Internet are working properly and that you understand the process. Allow students multiple attempts on the quiz so they can try the practice exam whenever their device or networking environment changes. You can also have a peer work with you where you both learn the process in each others course as a student.
  • 24/7 LIve Chat – Remember that students can access built-in troubleshooting and live chat from within Respondus Monitor if they encounter a technical problem. You can find more Resources for Students, including how to access Live Chat.