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Instructional Technology for New Faculty: Polling/Gaming/Survey Tools

Polling and Survey Tools

Online Gaming, Polling and Survey Tools

David Brown

Interactive Polls and Games

Nearpod - Includes interactive videos, quizzes, games and polls.

Kahoot Allows for images and videos to be easily added to you poll or survey. You can also design online quizzes with Kahoot. Kahoot occasional restricts the number of users allowed in one session.

Pollweverywhere Remember to activate your poll and then choose the option “Keywords: Audience texts an auto-generated code for each response, without joining the session.”

Poll Snack PollSnack is the easiest online tool for polls & surveys, allowing you to create and conduct market questionnaires without having to learn complicated software. Also, the reporting is very simple and straightforward, with results being displayed in real-time.

Doodle Most commonly used to decide a meeting time with multiple people.




Google Forms   

Free account with unlimited access.

Qualtrics-All surveys sent from Qualtrics must be approved by the DSC Institutional Review Board. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Sarah Mergel. Additionally, students may be granted access on a case-by-case basis.

Survey Monkey           

Up to 10 questions free and limited to 100 responses for each survey. If you need more than this you can contact to get access to Dalton State’s Survey Monkey account.

Survey Gizmo

Unlimited questions with unlimited responses.

Libguide Surveys

Contact Melissa Whitesell, Amy Burger or David Brown to get started. Libguides give you unlimited questions with unlimited responses