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Northwest: Assessment Spring Day 1

Spring Day 1 Assessment

Name ___________________________________

  1. The three literature databases in Galileo are:

  1. The section in Dalton State’s library that includes most works of literature is under the letter _____ which is on the second floor of the library.

  1. The libguide for both MLA and APA is http://libguides.daltonstate.edu/___________

  1. The libguide for the library sessions for this class can be found at http://libguides.daltonstate.edu/___________________

  1. _________ and ___________ are two online tools available to all Dalton State students that can assist with preventing plagiarism and avoiding grammar mistakes.

  1. Find one literature work in Dalton State’s online catalog and write the title, call number and MLA citation ________________________________________________________________

  1. Find an article in one of the three literary databases in Galileo and write the MLA citation. __________________________________________________________________________