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Northwest: Assessment Fall Day 1

Assessment Day 1

Assignments for Mr. Reece’s Dual Enrollment Students

Dalton State Librarian David Brown

Website for Assignments Below:

Day 1:

View the presentation for Day 1 and answer the following questions:

NAME ______________________________________                          DATE Aug. 28th 1st Period

1.Helpful research guides for Dalton State students:

  • Checkout a laptop or download MS Office:
  • Citation help including MLA:
  • Our research guide we will be using the next 3 days:

2.Name one reason students plagiarize or cheat:


3.Dalton State’s definition of plagiarism:

  • The use, by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the published or unpublished work of another person ________________clear acknowledgment.
  • The unacknowledged use of materials by another person or agency engaged in _____________ papers or other academic material.
  • The use of ____________submitted work without acknowledgment on a subsequently submitted academic assignment.

4.Name on of the ten types of plagiarism:


5.To avoid ____________ you must cite when:

  • You use another person's ___________.
  • You use facts, statistics, or any other type of information that does not ________________
  • You use ______________from another person's spoken or written word.
  • You _________________another person's spoken or written word.

6.You don’t need to cite ___________________________ knowledge.

7.Use _______________for phrases or words that are exactly as they appear in the original source

8.How can your Instructor Check your Paper for Plagiarism? (Name 3 tools)

 ________________________ ____________________ ___________________________

9.The _________________ Lab offers assistance for all levels of English composition courses, and assistance with advanced writing tasks for all subjects throughout the college.

10. David Brown’s email address is and the library’s email address is

  1. You are doing research for your essay and you find the perfect article in Galileo and you use it in your paper. Since you describe the details of the article in your own words, you choose not to cite the article. Is this plagiarism? Why are why not?

  1. It is late in the evening and you suddenly realize your essay is due the next day. Luckily, you find a great article and copy and paste some paragraphs into your paper. You cite the source and include it in your Works Cited page at the end of the paper. After submitting your paper you realize you didn't put quotes around the text you copied. Would this be plagiarism? Is this plagiarism? Why or why not?

  1. You want to get an A on your essay so you hire a tutor for help. The tutor makes major changes and re-writes much of the paper and you turn the paper in. Is this plagiarism? Is this plagiarism? Why are why not?

  1. You are taking a course that your friend had the year before. You ask her for the paper and promise her you will just use it for reference. However you actually end up using her paper, but you change the wording of several sentences and add a few paragraphs with your own ideas. Would this be considered plagiarism?

  1. In college you have to write a paper and would like to use the same paper you wrote in high school. You turn the exact same paper in without asking permission from the instructor in your college class. Is this considered plagiarism?