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The Exemplar publishes and showcases exemplary student writing completed in humanities courses at Dalton State

Welcome to Dalton State College's Undergraduate Scholarly Journal

dedicated to writing & research from students

in the Humanities

The Exemplar is dedicated to writing and research from students in the Humanities. We publish exemplary student writing twice every academic year, once in November and once in April. 


All student submissions for publication consideration are reviewed by a committee of professors and are due by November 1st for the fall issue and April 1st for the spring issue. Submissions should be scholarly in nature and make use of impeccable spelling, grammar, and proper citation of texts. Only one essay per class per student is accepted for publication, with a limit of two published essays per student per academic year.

Email your submissions to


Starting with the 2019-2020 academic year, essays published in each issue of The Exemplar will be eligible for the following awards: Best Upper-Division Paper, Best 2000-level Paper, and Best 1000-level Paper.