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The Roadrunner's Guide to English: Mechanics (Type 2 Errors)

Type 2 Errors

While the Type 2 errors don't have the "do or die" importance of the Type 1 errors, learning about them and avoiding them in your writing will make you sound more educated and will give what you have to say more weight. That means you'll be more convincing, and your readers will be more impressed with you and with your message. Who doesn't want that?

Type II

Pronoun case errors            

Disagreement of pronoun and antecedent

Verb tense sequence errors

Shifts in mood, number, person, voice of verbs

Dangling or misplaced modifiers     

Faulty parallelism

Ambiguous, broad, and/or vague reference of pronouns

 Use of second person in formal essay

Pronouns - case, agreement, etc.

Avoiding Second Person

Verbs, tense, and tense sequence

Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

Parallelism Video