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Welcome to Learning Support English!

This online book is designed to help students learn the skills they will need to do well in college-level classes. Some courses will focus on writing, some on reading, and some on a combination of the two; this book is designed to work with all of those classes.

Welcome, students, and remember: a skill is not a magical ability. By that, we mean it can be learned; you don't have to be born "good at" reading or writing. Like any other skill, reading and writing abilities improve through learning the step-by-step process to doing both, and through practice. We hope this book will help you develop your own skills.

Statue of children reading and writing outside the New York Department of Education. Picture in public domain. By Daderot (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Writing Lab

If you have a question regarding writing style, visit the Writing Lab located in the Liberal Arts Building, Room 315

The Writing Lab offers:

  • assistance and tutoring for all levels of English composition courses 
  • preparation for end-of-term English and Reading College Placement Exams 
  • assistance with advanced writing tasks for all subjects throughout the college (including assistance with literature reviews, research/term papers, reports, documentation, and bibliography/reference citations).

In addition, the Writing Lab has software programs to help students prepare for end-of-term exit exams for Developmental English and Developmental Reading. The Writing Lab also has a variety of software programs including:

  • Writer's Resources
  • Glencoe Interactive Grammar
  • Preparing for Placement and Exit Tests (Reading and English)
  • Building Basic Composition Skills (for students who need help with writing and editing topic sentences; with paragraph support, unity, and coherence; with audience and purpose; and with diction, style, and sentence structure)
  • Building English Language Skills (for students who want to improve their understanding of standard English grammar and usage). 

The Writing Lab computers have practice COMPASS English and reading tests.

Faculty members are available for assistance during open lab hours.  Check the Writing Lab's web page for more information.



  • Dr. Kerri Allen
  • Ms. Christy Ayers
  • Ms. Janice Bolding, 
  • Dr. Jenny Crisp
  • Ms. Kelley Mahoney
  • Dr. Lydia Postell
  • Dr. Jennifer Randall
  • Ms. Regina Ray
  • Ms. Leslie Taylor