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Understanding Call Numbers: Finding a Book at Roberts Library

This guide is to help understand how call numbers help are used to organize materials.

Finding a Book

Once you know the call number of the item you are looking for, you are ready to find it in the library.

If you are looking for an item that has "Childhood Education", "REF", "Gov Doc", or a "Periodical" these will be on the 1st floor.  "Ciculation Collection", "Media", "Bandy", and "Roberts" are on the 2nd floor.

First look on the end panels and find the range that is covered on the shelves there. An example would be if you were looking for a book with the call number F593 .S53 1948. Look for the end panel label that has:

   F                           F                                              

 593           -       1219.8

.B785                 .O56        

You would then go down the shelves looking for the call number of the item you want.

The labels on the books should be on the spine, but sometimes they are on the front of the book.

Once you find your book, bring it and your Roadrunner Card to the Circulation Desk to check it out.  

Always remember you can ask for help!

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