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GEOL 1122 Historical Geology: Scholarly Journals

Find a database

When looking for a specific database, go to GALILEOIf you are off campuslog in with your MyDaltonState user name and password.

Once in GALILEO, scroll down to the Databases by Subject box to search and select BUSINESS and MANAGEMENT

Geology Journals

There are several hundred geology related journals in GALILEO. The easiest way to find them is to look in one of the databases that cover geology. If you are looking for a particular journal you can use the Journals tab in Galileo. Some of the journals in Galileo include:            

Title: Modern geology

ISSN:     0026-7775‚Äč

Title: Scientific Bulletin Series D: Mining, Mineral Processing, Non-Ferrous Metallurgy, Geology and Environmental Engineering

ISSN:     1582-0548           

Title: The Open Geology Journal

ISSN:     1874-2629         

Title: Ohio geology newsletter

ISSN:     1045-4756   

Title: Baltica

ISSN:     0067-3064

Title: Institute of Geology Annual Report/ Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Title: Journal of Geology and Mining Research

ISSN:     2006-9766

Title: SGA News / Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits

Title: Open journal of geology

ISSN:     2161-7570

eISSN:   2161-7589

Title: The journal of geology

ISSN:     0022-1376

eISSN:   1537-5269 

Title: Atlantic geology

ISSN:     0843-5561

eISSN:   1718-7885

Title: New Mexico geology

ISSN:     0196-948X

Title: Bulletin - Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology

ISSN:     0097-191X

Title: Environmental geology

ISSN:     0943-0105

eISSN:   1432-0495

Title: First state geology

ISSN:     0749-1123

Title: Norsk geologisk tidsskrift

ISSN:     0029-196X

Title: Geology

ISSN:     0091-7613

eISSN:   1943-2682

Title: Arizona geology

ISSN:     1045-4802