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Video Recording and Editing: Best Practices for Video

Video Editing, Recording, and Compression Tools

Best Practices

Best Practice Tips for Video:
  • Keep videos short [3-15 minutes].
  • Be enthusiastic about the material that you are covering.
  • Speak at a quick pace.
  • Optimize light and sound quality.
  • Speak close to the microphone to ensure for accurate captioning. 
  • Make your videos are interactive with quizzes and graphics. 
  • Keep the content focused, relevant, and with no more than a few key points or concepts.
  • Create a an outline of the key concepts from your lecture.
  • Focus on one concept per short micro-lecture (3-5 minutes is ideal).
  • Create a script or detailed notes for your video.
  • Ensure your selected video captures their attention in the first 15-30 seconds.
  • Convey the most important information first (before you lose their attention!).
  • Use images more than bullet points.
  • Consider a new visual element every 10-15 seconds to keep your viewer’s attention.
  • Don’t forget to edit or re-record (as needed).
  • Give clear instructions in closing as to how you want them to use/apply what they have learned.
  • Make sure that your videos are accessible.

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