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MNGT 3051 Principles of Management: Ethics and Corproate Social Responsibility

This course introduces the basic management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling and their subcomponents such as decision making, organizational strategy, motivation, and leadership. The course provides the student with a basis for
Business & Human Rights Resource Centre 
Business Ethics http://business-ethics.com/about
Business Ethics Primer (International Business Ethics Institute) 
Business Ethics: The Magazine of Corporate Responsibility
Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) http://www.bsr.org
Business Roundtable Institute for Corporate Ethics 
Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR) http://www.cbsr.ca/
Center for Business Ethics-Josephson Institute http://www.josephsoninstitute.org/business
Center for Ethical Business Cultures (CEBC) 
Cheating Culture 
Codes of Ethics Online (Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions) 
Corporate Crime Reporter
Corporate Ethics (PBS website) 
CSRwire: The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire
DoD Guidance (U.S. Dept of Defense)
eben.org (European Business Ethics Network) http://www.eben.org
Electronic Journal of Business Ethics and Organization Studies
Emerson Ethics Center at Saint Lous University http://www.slu.edu/eec.xml
Ethical Corporation http://www.ethicalcorp.com/
Ethics & Compliance Iniative (ECI) 
Ethics & Compliance Officer Association http://www.theecoa.org
Ethics and Compliance Initiative
Ethics Resource Center http://www.ethics.org
Ethics Updates
Ethics World 
ethicscentre.ca http://ethicscentre.ca
Ethikos http://www.ethikospublication.com
Ethisphere http://www.ethisphere.com
Europa Corporate Social Responsibility http://ec.europa.ed/old-address-ec.htm
Free Management Library: Complete Guide to Ethics Management: An Ethics Toolkit for Managers
Institute for Ethical Business Worldwide at the University of Notre Dame http://www.ethicalbusiness.nd.edu/
Institute for Global Business Ethics http://www.globalethics.org/services.php
Institute of Business Ethics http://www.ibe.org.uk/
International Business Ethics Institute http://www.business-ethics.org/index.asp
International Business Etiquette, Manners & Culture
Journal of Academic and Business Ethics
Journal of Business Systems, Governance and Ethics
Journal of Religion and Business Ethics
Knowledge @ Wharton: Business Ethics
National Whistleblowers Center 
Olsson Center for Applied Ethics at the University of Virginia http://www.darden.va.edu/web/olsson-center-for-applied-ethics/
Society for Business Ethics http://www.societyforbusinessethics.org
The Banta Center for Business, Ethics & Society at Redlands University http://www.redlands.edu/centers-of-distinction
The Carol and Lawrence Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research at the Whartone School, University of Pennsylvania http://www.zicklincenter.org
The Center for Business Ethics at the University of St. Thomas http://www.stthom.edu/cbes
The Center for Ethics and Corporate Responsibility at Georgia State University http://www.robinson.gsu.edu/ethics
The Institute for Business and Professional Ethics at De Paul University http://www.commerce.depaul.edu/ethics
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University http://www.scu.edu/ethics/
Transparency International: The Global Coalition Against Corruption
Workplace Fairness (WF)