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Online creative writing journal publishing DSC student creative output - from poetry and stories, comics, illustrations, drawings, photographs, paintings, songs and videos

Welcome to Dalton State College's undergraduate creative journal

dedicated to showcasing creative work of all kinds

Tributaries publishes all kinds of high quality creative expressions, whether that be drawings, photographs, animations, short stories, or poems. Chosen works are published once in Fall and Spring Semesters.


All student submissions for publication consideration are reviewed by a committee of professors and peers and are due by November 1st or April 1st for that semester's issue. Submissions may be in any form of creative expression.

Photographs and other visual artwork should be of high resolution and submitted in a common image file format, like .jpeg or .png. Written work should make use of impeccable spelling, grammar, and mechanics except those necessary for the creative form itself. Written submissions should be submitted in a .doc or .docx file format.

Each student is limited to three published works per issue. Email submissions to 


In the Fall issue of Tributaries, we feature the winner and two runners-up of the English Department's Scary Story Contest. The contest is usually announced in early October, with winners announced on Halloween.

In the Spring issue of Tributaries, we announce the following winners of the best work in these categories across both issues for that academic year: Best Work of Fiction, Best Work of Poetry, Best Work of Non-Fiction, Best Photography, and Best Visual Submission (not photography).