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Public Safety: First Aid Kits/AED Locations


Dalton State College First Aid Kit Locations

Health Occupations- Public Safety Office

Health Occupations-Nursing, downstairs

Health Occupations-Digital Design Lab

Health Occupations- Social Work

Liberal Arts-Room 277

Liberal Arts-Room 203 (Humanities Workroom)

Memorial - OCIS Office Room 103

Westcott- Business Office (Break Room)

Westcott-Enrollment Services (Break Room)

Student Center- Student Life Office

Student Center- Bookstore (Stock-Room)

Student Center- Cafeteria (Employee Area)

Student Center- Academic Resources

Sequoya- Office #153

Plant Operations- Break room

Gym- First Aid Supplies Located in First Aid Room

Library- Behind Circulation Desk

Library- Inside Staff Break room

Wood Valley- Office

James Brown Building- Kitchen and Behind Reception Desk on Main Level

Gilmer Center-  Main Office, Biology Lab

Peeples Hall- hallways




Dalton State College AED Locations

Gym- Outside First Aid Room on Lower Level

Sequoya- Outside Room #153 (Lower Hallway)

Library- Beside Staff Break-room (Lower Level)

Westcott- Inside Business Office Lobby

Student Center- Outside Eddie Miller Room

Liberal Arts- Outside Room 277 (Break room 2nd Floor)

Memorial- East Hallway, (Outside Human Resources)

Health Occupations- Hallway (next to Room #209)

Brown Center- Main Entrance Lobby

Maintenance- Outside Room #153 (Woodworking Shop)

Wood Valley- Office

Peeples Hall- Second level, East end of hallway

Plant Operations- Inside receiving area

Ottinger- Second level, north side of building


Gilmer Center- Inside main offices

First Aid/CPR/AED Directive