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Copyright Law of the United States

The Technology, Education and Copyright Harmonization (TEACH) Act was enacted in November 2002 as an amendment to the Copyright Act of 1976. Found in section 110(2) of the Act, it covers distance education as well as face to face teaching which has an online, web enhanced, transmitted or broadcast component.

Digital Millennial Copyright Act -   The law became effective in October 2000 and it has been incorporated into the Copyright Act (Title 17 of the U. S. Code). Divided into five titles, the Digital Millennial Copyright Act created new guidelines for the use of digital materials.  The five titles:

  • impose rules prohibiting the circumvention of technological protection measures
  • set limitations on copyright infringement liability for online service providers (OSPs)
  • expand an existing exemption for making copies of computer programs
  • provide a significant updating of the rules and procedures regarding archival preservation
  • mandate a study of distance education activities in networked environments
  • mandate a study of the effects of anti-circumvention protection rules on the "first sale" doctrine

International Copyright Treaties


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