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The table below lays out the variables associated with each dimension, and which data sources might help you evaluate a country. These are all websites, and you can use Google to find some of the information (like exchange rates) as well. The library can help if you're stuck.

Dimension Variable Data Sources

GDP & GDP Growth Rate

Population Size

Foreign Direct Investment

Exchange Rate Stability & Consumer Price Index

Balance of Trade

CIA World Factbook & World Trade Organization

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development Foreign Direct Investment Attraction/Potential Index

World Trade Organization


Ease of Doing Business

Legal & Regulatory Framework

Risk of Political Stability

Intellectual Property Rights

World Bank Ease of Doing Business Index & World Development Index

Economist Political Instability Index

International Property Rights Index


Transportation Infrastructure

Utility Infrastructure (Electricity)

Telecommunications & Connectivity

World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index

CIA World Factbook


Labor Relations

Education Level

Logistics Competence

Customs and Security

World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index

World Bank Logistics Performance Index

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